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Application to Grant Credit

Credit Application

To assist you with your review of Inter Pipeline’s credit and financial position, we have made available a detailed Credit Information Circular for your consideration.

This summary report below contains standard credit terms, banking information and selected tax information. Inter Pipeline will not complete individual credit applications or provide trade references. Should you have any questions regarding Inter Pipeline’s credit position or the Credit Information Circular, please contact Artem Plotnikov, Manager, Credit, at (403) 717-5728

Key Contacts

We are here to help answer your questions about Inter Pipeline’s operations.

Contact / Title Office Phone Cell
Kristen Bergsma
Director, Logistics and Reporting 
403-218-9528 403-771-8901

Alex Dmitrenko
Supervisor, Volumetric Accounting

403-717-5772 403-826-6757

Brent Grabowski
Supervisor, Pipeline Scheduler

403-648-1564 403-921-5273

Brieann Woods
Supervisor, Pipeline Scheduler

403-290-6130 587-888-4256

Kyle McCallum
Pipeline Scheduler

587-943-3452 587-583-1993

Rachel Fitzgerald
Pipeline Scheduler

403-218-9525 403-998-1021

Kenneth Torres
Pipeline Scheduler

587-943-3481 403-371-9409

Tyler Bichel
Pipeline Scheduler

403-717-5756 403-710-4303

Chelsea Mappin
Pipeline Scheduler

403-290-6027 403-312-6026

Ellen Sparling
Pipeline Scheduler

403-648-1578 587-573-7922

Youssef Elfouly
Pipeline Scheduler


Ashlynn Krochmal
Senior Analyst

403-218-9542 587-585-4717

Rokaya Abougouche
Senior Analyst


Lana Kozicky
Volumetric Analyst   


Melissa Chan
Volumetric Analyst


Karen Kowalchuk
Volumetric Analyst


Please note: to reach any of our pipeline contacts by Fax, please use 403-290-6096.

Inter Pipeline’s NGL Extraction team has the answers.

Notice of Assignment for Commercial Agreements – Cochrane Commercial

Notice of Assignment for Commercial Agreements – Empress V


Cochrane Extraction Plant 24 Hours Emergency Hotline
Telephone: 403-932-8510

Cochrane Extraction Plant Office
Telephone: 403-932-8555

Calgary Head Office
Telephone: 403-290-6000

Gas Scheduling and NGL Extraction Accounts

Colin Doenz
Office Phone: 403-290-6061
Cell Phone: 403-988-1215

Laura Hall
Office Phone: 587-956-6274
Cell Phone: 403-863-3391

Please note: to reach any of our Gas Scheduling or NGL Extraction Accounts contacts, please email

Rules & Regulations

Governing the Gathering and Transportation of Crude Petroleum

There are a number of rules and regulations governing the gathering and transportation of crude petroleum. We recommend customers familiarize themselves with these important documents.

Cold Lake Process for Brokers

Conventional Systems – Tariff No. 108

Cold Lake Pipeline Limited Partnership – Tariff No. 201

Polaris Condensate Pipeline System

Toll Sheets

Do you ship with us?

Inter Pipeline’s tolls and services set out the tariff rates and specifications on our oil sands and conventional oil pipelines. These tolls and services are subject to the rules and regulations published on this website.

BRPL Jan. 2024

CAPL Jan. 2024

MSPL Jan. 2024

Milk River Truck Terminal Jan. 2024

CLPL January 2020

PPL January 2020

Stream and Terminal Codes