World-class recyclable plastics to shape your future.

Heartland Petrochemical Complex (HPC) located in Strathcona County, Alberta, Canada, represents Inter Pipeline’s single largest growth project in its 20+-year history and is North America’s only single site propane dehydrogenation (PDH) and polypropylene (PP) complex.

Heartland Polymers, Inter Pipeline’s polypropylene business, leverages Western Canada’s abundant supply of propane with a nameplate capacity to produce 525,000 tonnes per year of polypropylene, a high value, recyclable plastic that global manufacturers transform into the products and tools that keep our lives moving forward. 

Why Heartland Polymers?

We are reliable.

We know how crucial uninterrupted supply is to your business. We have created one of the safest, most reliable sources of PP available. Our geographic location means production and transport is less susceptible to natural disasters that can significantly impact logistics and supply. Our facility is connected to rail transport to ensure continuous delivery across North America and to international ports. If you need someone you can rely on, Heartland Polymers delivers.

We are innovators.

The spirit of innovation informs everything we do – from the technology in our plant, to our high-quality products, passionate people and best-in-class performance. Our industry-leading technology was selected with sustainability in mind. Seeking new and smarter ways to serve our industry partners is at the core of our business approach. In fact, it’s built into our vision and drives how we seek to grow and lead. We offer diverse and flexible contracting options that set a new industry standard. 

We are accountable.

Relationships are built on trust and a shared vision for the future. We know that trust is earned. We are a people-centered company and place the highest value on developing long-term relationships with our stakeholders. We will be accountable to our industry partners through proactive, two-way communications and problem-solving. We are committed to building a bright future together.


Quality resins produced sustainably, delivered reliably.

From food packaging to personal hygiene products to the parts that make vehicles safer, Heartland Polymers delivers world-class polypropylene polymers to help achieve a new level of sustainability in the products that shape our lives.

Heartland Polymers polypropylene resins feature the following core attributes:

  • Can be recyclable
  • Excellent balance of physical properties and processability
  • Tailored balance of stiffness to impact properties
  • Excellent heat and chemical resistance
  • Exceptional price to performance ratio
  • Lower density translating into weight savings


Our homopolymer polypropylene provides excellent uniformity over a broad range of melt flows, high strength-to-weight ratio and excellent toughness and versatility. Our homopolymers are suitable for high-heat or steam sterilization applications and can be used across a diverse range of applications in injection molding, film, fiber, sheet extrusion and thermoforming.

  • Caps and closures
  • Diapers and hygiene products
  • Yarns and non-wovens for furniture and automotive

Random Copolymer

Our random copolymers bring more impact strength and clarity for a tougher and more durable product. Our random copolymers bring optimum performance at a broad range of melting points, delivering increased crack resistance and cold temperature resilience, high transparency and flexibility across injection molding, blow molding, film, sheet extrusion and thermoforming.

  • Clear food packaging
  • Multi-layer sealable films
  • Clear storage containers

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