A bright new future in polypropylene production is less than a year away.

By early 2022, Inter Pipeline’s Heartland Petrochemical Complex (HPC) will begin producing Canadian-made polypropylene resin. Located in Alberta, Canada, HPC represents a significant milestone as North America’s first integrated PDH/PP production facility.

Our industry-leading technology is ready to deliver reliable, high-quality products with increased sustainability. On-site rail connections are ready to transport polypropylene (PP) products to buyers all over North America as well as international ports. Discover the bright future of PP production today. 


Why Inter Pipeline/Heartland?

We are reliable

Inter Pipeline has created one of the safest, most reliable sources of PP available. Our geographic location means production and transport is less susceptible to natural disasters that can significantly impact logistics and supply. We know how crucial uninterrupted supply is to your business. Our facility is connected to rail transport to ensure continuous delivery across North America and to international ports.   

We are innovators

The spirit of innovation informs everything we do – from the technology in our plant, to our high-quality products, passionate people and industry-leading performance. Seeking new and smarter ways to serve our industry partners is at the core of our business approach. In fact, it’s built into our vision and drives how we seek to grow and lead. We offer diverse and flexible contracting options that set a new industry standard. 

We are accountable

Relationships are built on trust and a shared vision for the future. We know that trust is earned. Inter Pipeline is a people-centered company and we place the highest value on developing long-term relationships with our employees, our customers and the stakeholders who make up this industry. We will be accountable to our industry partners through proactive, two-way communications and problem-solving. We are committed to building a bright future together.

What we offer


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The Heartland Complex is built with some of the most sustainable technology usage of any such operation in the world. Learn more about our sustainability initiative here.

  • In 2021, we became one of the first Canadian companies to join the international Alliance to End Plastic Waste, committed to ending plastic waste and advancing the circular economy. This membership complements our Plastics Research in Action collaboration committed to identifying opportunities to remove plastic from the environment here in Alberta.
  • Inter Pipeline is a member of the UN-recognized sustainability program, Responsible Care.
  • Production at the HPC is the lowest greenhouse gas emitting process in the world.
  • The PDH Plant’s A-Frame Condenser Technology reduces the fresh water make-up requirements by a factor of 19x, amounting to a reduction of almost 1.5 million m3 of make-up water per year.
Heartland Petrochemical Complex:
Sustainability & 2020 Lookback

With sustainability and safety as guiding principles, construction progress of the Heartland Petrochemical Complex continues to impress. Learn about the great progress made on site in 2020.

Heartland Petrochemical Complex:
Rail Milestone

We achieved a major milestone in late 2020 when fabrication began on the Heartland Petrochemical Complex’s 1,600-car, state-of-the-art rail fleet. Hear more about the intricate process to ensure the level of service our customers deserve.

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We're at the heart of innovation

Learn more about construction and progress at North America’s first integrated PDH/PP complex.

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HPC Video Gallery

View our video gallery for the latest progress updates at our Heartland Petrochemical Complex.

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Plastics Research In Action

Our ten-year agreement with the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology will uncover new ways to reuse and recycle plastic in Canada.

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By engaging with the communities we operate in, Inter Pipeline supports programs and initiatives that are committed to building a self-sustaining legacy.

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