Inter Pipeline’s Heartland business is focused on providing our customers a better polymer experience while diversifying opportunities for expanding Inter Pipeline's value chain and Alberta's resource sector.

Inter Pipeline’s Heartland business is committed to setting a new standard in customer service, reliability and responsible operations. Heartland leverages value-added opportunities for Alberta’s abundant supply of natural raw resources to diversify the local economy, create job opportunities, invest in the community and capitalize on key geographic advantages. This business is currently comprised of Heartland Polymers. Heartland and several international partners are also in the process of evaluating a low carbon ammonia operation for transporting hydrogen.

HPC site at night


North America’s only single-site propane dehydrogenation and polypropylene complex 

Heartland Polymers is leveraging Western Canada’s abundant supply of local propane to produce polypropylene (PP), a high value plastic that can be recycled which global manufacturers transform into everyday products out of the Heartland Petrochemical Complex (HPC), our one-of-a-kind operation.

Located in Central Alberta, the world-scale integrated complex is comprised of North America’s only single site propane dehydrogenation (PDH) plant and polypropylene (PP) plant and a co-generation central utilities block (CUB). Heartland is producing high quality products projected to provide industry leading reductions in GHG emissions while continuing to partner on innovations to reduce waste and increase recycling. Heartland Polymers has a nameplate capacity of 525,000 tonnes of polypropylene per year with rail shipments leaving the facility daily. Heartland’s state-of-the-art rail loading complex (RLC) was designed for distributing quality polypropylene products delivered via extensive rail network and storage facilities, ensuring reliable delivery of product to customers across North America and the globe.

Inter Pipeline commissioned the Complex in 2022, and it entered into commercial production early in 2023. Heartland is Canada’s only PP production operation and one of the newest in the industry to produce versatile, durable, recyclable PP.

The idea was big, the opportunity, even bigger

Heartland began with a big idea. An idea for the future of Canada’s petrochemical industry, and for Alberta’s economy. Drawing on parent company Inter Pipeline’s two decades of industry experience, and after over ten years of planning and construction, this idea has moved from the drafting table to the field. We are thrilled to reach completion of this project and bring better directly to our customers.

Watch the video below to see our story take shape.

Low Carbon Ammonia Project

Inter Pipeline has taken another step in its evaluation of a world-scale Hydrogen Energy Export (Ammonia) Project that would diversify Canadian natural resources, create jobs and support global efforts to transition to a low-carbon economy.

Ammonia is an efficient method of transporting hydrogen, a much sought-after energy source that contains no carbon.

Inter Pipeline is evaluating the development of world-scale integrated blue ammonia and blue methanol production facilities with partners PETRONAS Canada and ITOCHU. Development of the ammonia component of the project is currently the primary focus. If sanctioned, this project would represent an exciting opportunity for Canada to play a key role in global efforts to establish a low-carbon economy through the production of thousands of metric tonnes per day of low-carbon ammonia (using carbon sequestration). 

In Q1 2023, Inter Pipeline’s Joint Venture Hydrogen Export (Ammonia) Project received a $2 million grant from the Alberta Hydrogen Centre of Excellence to advance innovations in hydrogen.

“This project would be among the first of its kind in North America,” said Inter Pipeline President and Chief Executive Officer, Brian Baker. “Once operational, these facilities would be at the forefront of diversifying Canada’s abundant supply of raw resources by converting them to value-added, energy transition products to supply growing global markets with low or no-carbon fuel and energy products.”

The partners are currently working on studies and analysis and are expected to reach a final investment decision in 2024. If sanctioned, construction would commence in late 2024 with a 2027 in-service date. The long-term investment for both of these projects would contribute to a stronger Canadian economy and create as many as 20,000 direct, indirect, and induced jobs throughout the construction phase. In addition, approximately 300 highly skilled permanent jobs would be created to support the ongoing operations of the project.

View Inter Pipeline’s news release for more details about the proposed project.

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