What We Do

Inter Pipeline is a world-scale energy infrastructure business engaged in the transportation, processing, marketing and storage of commodities and petrochemical products across Western Canada and Europe.

We operate four divisions: Transportation, Facilities Infrastructure, Marketing and New Ventures.

With seven pipeline systems, one straddle plant, two offgas processing facilities, an olefinic fractionator and 19 million barrels of storage capacity in Western Europe, our diversified infrastructure assets generate long-term and predictable cash flows.

Our integrated marketing segment centralizes commodity-based adjusted EBITDA and risk management activities.

The new ventures segment focuses on the development of large-scale innovative projects, such as the Heartland Petrochemical Complex.

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Global Operations

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    • Mid-Saskatchewan Pipeline
    • Bow River Pipeline
    • Central Alberta Pipeline
    • Nordic Terminals
    • Offgas Extraction Plants
    • NGL Straddle Plant
    • Heartland Petrochemical Complex
    • Redwater Olefinic Fractionator
    • TC Energy / Alberta System
    • Boreal Pipeline
    • Cold Lake Pipeline
    • Polaris Pipeline
    • Corridor Pipeline