Indigenous Relations

Inter Pipeline respects the cultural diversity of Indigenous Peoples, which adds to the fabric of Canadian society and recognizes the traditional territories and unique legal rights Indigenous People hold in Canada.

Inter Pipeline is committed to meaningful, ethical and mutually beneficial relationships with Indigenous communities to ensure that safety, environmental, economic or social impacts resulting from our business activities are addressed in a timely and effective manner.

At Inter Pipeline, we are guided by the following values:

  • We believe strong safety and environmental performance comes first, regardless of the scale or urgency of the job.
  • Understanding, respect and cooperation [trust] is the basis for a positive lasting relationship between Inter Pipeline and Indigenous communities.
  • Meaningful consultation will occur in advance of activities in a manner that is consistent with the nature and scale of the activity and incorporates views on potential impacts.
  • Consultation must be carried out in a timely, efficient, respectful manner and be ongoing to ensure that issues are recognized and addressed.
  • Development and implementation of initiatives to address an Indigenous community’s economic and human resource development needs should be a joint initiative between Inter Pipeline and Indigenous communities.

What We Do


Consultation with Indigenous communities is conducted in a respectful and transparent manner in order to determine how to avoid, minimize, or mitigate potential impacts to Aboriginal and Treaty Rights in the areas of Inter Pipeline’s projects and operations.

Indigenous Business Opportunity Program

To share in the economic prosperity of our projects and operations, Inter Pipeline proactively engages with communities to form business relationships with Indigenous businesses and contractors.

Employment and Training Opportunities

Throughout our projects and operations, we provide employment and on the job training opportunities to local Indigenous communities and we also actively encourage and support the hiring of Indigenous community members through our prime contractors.

We provide skills training and education through such initiatives as our Discovery Awards program (high school bursaries) and our commitments to organizations like Skills Canada Alberta, Women Building Futures, and the National Indigenous Economic Education Foundation.

Community Development

We provide economic and community development opportunities to Indigenous organizations, communities and charities based on community needs and available resources.

Community Involvement and Relationship Building

The presence and meaningful participation of Inter Pipeline personnel at local Indigenous community events is essential to building and maintaining positive, strong and lasting relationships with Indigenous communities.

Indigenous Awareness

At Inter Pipeline, we aim to create an inclusive and welcoming environment by developing and providing educational opportunities for Inter Pipeline personnel to help foster and enhance their understanding and awareness of Indigenous history, traditions, cultures and perspectives.

Consultation and Relationship Agreements

At times we formalize our relationship with Indigenous communities through Consultation and Relationship Agreements. These agreements establish mutually agreed upon communication processes that provide a framework for how consultation and engagement will be conducted.