Supporting Health and Wellness in Students

  • Fort McMurray, Alberta

According to Statistics Canada, 18% of Canadian families live in food insecure households, highlighting a prevalent issue affecting many students across the country. This insecurity can have a profound effect on a student’s academic performance as hunger undermines their ability to concentrate, retain information and engage effectively in learning activities. 

A fundamental principle of Inter Pipeline’s community investment program (iCare) is supporting charitable organizations that help families access the basic essentials to a healthy life. Organizations like APPLE Schools. 

APPLE Schools (A Project Promoting healthy Living for Everyone in Schools) is an innovative school-focused health promotion initiative that helps to address the gaps of food insecurity and wellness. Working in 100 schools across Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and the Northwest Territories, the organization positively impacts more than 33,000 students annually as it works to integrate better healthy eating, increased physical activity, and improved mental wellness habits into daily school life.

To support their work in underserved communities who can be disproportionately impacted by lack of access to wellness resources, Inter Pipeline has partnered with APPLE Schools since 2015 – committing nearly $2.5 million in funding of the program.

“These relationships reflect Inter Pipeline’s core values and it’s a priority for us to be investing in the communities we live, work and operate in. Especially in communities that don’t have all the necessary resources,” said Paul Hawksworth, President & CEO of Inter Pipeline.

Watch the video below to learn more about Inter Pipeline’s partnership with APPLE Schools and how the program positively impacts the success of students.

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