Sustainability plays a significant role in all areas of Inter Pipeline’s activities, and we are unwavering in our commitment to sustainable practices and operational excellence.

Throughout our history, our commitment to building a sustainable future through our operating practices has been steadfast. 

Sustainability helps us drive long-term value for all stakeholders of Inter Pipeline; from our employees in our offices and out in the field, to our customers who rely on our consistent service, to the communities in which we operate. Our unwavering commitment to sustainable practices and operational excellence speaks to our ongoing track record of superior operational performance and recognizes that sustainable practices are an equal partner to our operational success; they both inform and help elevate each other.

We recognize that it is a privilege to operate in our local communities and we must do everything we can to make our operations and the industry as safe as possible. We are committed to working alongside our customers and communities to make meaningful progress and prepare Inter Pipeline for a sustainable future.