Todd Karran Brings Extensive Experience to New Leadership Role

  • Alberta

Inter Pipeline is proud to spotlight its newest member of the executive team, Todd Karran, recently appointed as Chief Executive Officer, Petrochemicals. Todd brings 35 years of experience to Inter Pipeline, including tenure as President and Chief Executive Officer at Nova Chemicals between 2015 and 2020. Prior to that, he served as the Chief Financial Officer from 2009 through to 2016 at Nova.   

Todd’s portfolio includes all aspects of the Heartland Polymers business, based in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, which has recently announced the safe and successful commissioning of the polypropylene plant at its Heartland Complex. Todd will oversee all new petrochemical development projects going forward.

Becoming IPL’s CEO, Petrochemicals

Todd has been intrigued by Inter Pipeline’s Heartland Polymers project since hearing about it while attending an energy conference when it was first announced.

It was clearly a unique project, being the only one of its kind in Canada. Seeing Heartland embrace the CIAC’s Responsible Care program and its commitment to working alongside partnerships like the Alliance to End Plastic Waste, Plastics Research in Action and Operation Clean Sweep really intrigued me. It was a clear indicator that this organization is focused on doing things the right way.  
Todd Karran, CEO, Petrochemicals

More about Todd Karran

A well-rounded and seasoned C-Suite executive, Todd brings significant knowledge and capability with his extensive experience in the petrochemical business sector.

During his time at NOVA, multiple growth projects were successfully completed or initiated, including the expansion of NOVA’s Corunna cracker in Ontario, building a second Advanced SCLAIRTECH technology facility in Ontario and constructing a new polyethylene plant in Joffre, Alberta. He holds CPA and CMA professional accounting designations in Alberta and graduated with an MBA from the Katz School of Business at the University of Pittsburgh. He has also served on a number of private, public and not-for-profit boards of directors. Todd will represent IPL and Heartland on the Global Alliance to End Plastic Waste Board of Directors, as he had done previously for NOVA Chemicals which was a founding member of the Global Alliance to End Plastic Waste.

To hear more from Todd Karran, listen to his recent interviews with Global News and CBC Edmonton AM radio where he discusses the Company hitting a major milestone of fillings its first railcar with polypropylene produced at our Heartland facility. Read the release to learn more about this exciting achievement.

Additional Executive Team Changes

In 2022, there have been several additional changes to Inter Pipeline’s leadership team.

Anita Dusevic Oliva, previously Inter Pipeline’s Senior Vice President, Corporate Services, was appointed Chief Operating Officer.

The team also welcomed Breanne Oliver, Vice President, People & Stakeholder Relations and Kristen Simpson, Vice President, Legal & Compliance to the leadership team. Additionally, Nipa Chakravarti and Cory Neufeld accepted roles as Senior Vice President, Marketing and Senior Vice President, NGL, respectively.