Supporting Youth Mental Wellness and Suicide Prevention

  • Calgary, Alberta

Suicide stands as one of the leading causes for death among Canadian youth*. When comparing the national average to that of Indigenous communities, Indigenous youth are six times likely to commit suicide.

At Inter Pipeline, mental and physical wellbeing of our people and the people who live in the communities we operate are a priority that reflects our Core Values. It’s also a focus of Inter Pipeline’s Community Investment program.

“Engaging with loved ones, acquaintances, and colleagues might seem straightforward, but the impact can be profound,” says Trevor Scheirman, Specialist, NGL Commercial. “Even reconnecting with those we’ve lost touch with can make a significant difference. I’ve personally known individuals grappling with thoughts of suicide and it’s taught me that the signs aren’t always obvious. Hence, taking the time to reach out and ensure everyone’s well-being is a vital gesture.”

One of our multi-year support agreements is with a singer and speaker who is proactively tackling this epidemic, and literally saving lives everywhere he goes. The Robb Nash Project is more than just another donation. It’s a non-profit organization that leverages the power of music, personal experience and storytelling to remind our youth of their value.

Through immersive concert experiences, The Robb Nash Project discusses themes surrounding mental wellness and suicide prevention. By harnessing the intrigue of a rock concert, Robb captivates audiences and delivers impactful messages aimed at fostering mental health awareness.

To support the work of The Robb Nash Project, Inter Pipeline has been a partner since 2018 – committing to over $1 million in funding.

“Mental wellness is a critical piece of focus for Inter Pipeline’s community investment program,” says Kristen Simpson, Senior Vice President and Chief Legal, People & Sustainability Officer. “The Robb Nash Project is an organization that helps to open up the conversation around tough topics like suicide prevention, and we’re proud to support their efforts.”

Watch the video below to learn more about Inter Pipeline’s partnership with The Robb Nash Project and how the program supports youth mental wellness.

*According to statistics provided by Statistics Canada

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