Heartland +Impact Report

A diverse snapshot of the significant benefits being delivered to the community around the Heartland Petrochemical Complex

We believe better is possible in everything we do, and we’re proving it every day.

Our Heartland +Impact Report explores the economic benefits, deliberate sustainability initiatives and social/community opportunities delivered to date by our Heartland Petrochemical Complex (HPC). It demonstrates how we are using our resources in new and smarter ways to produce a product that is fully recyclable and in growing demand. Along the way, we’re creating good jobs and driving local benefits, demonstrating our commitment to reducing waste and increasing sustainability, and helping communities grow and thrive through a renewal of economic investment.

Our story is only just beginning, and we are committed to frequent updates with our stakeholders. Read our report to learn more.

Building our future starts here

The Heartland Petrochemical Complex, located in Strathcona County, northeast of Edmonton, Alberta, represents Inter Pipeline’s single greatest growth project in its 20-plus year history. 

This multi-billion-dollar project will materially diversify and strengthen Inter Pipeline’s existing large-scale natural gas liquids (NGL) processing business, while creating an attractive new market for propane feedstock, creating thousands of jobs and driving a new era of investment and deliberate sustainability in Canada.

The Heartland Petrochemical Complex signals a bold and bright new era for ‘Made in Canada’ economic diversification, deliberate sustainability and responsible resource development. When HPC becomes fully operational, it will be North America’s first integrated propane dehydrogenation and polypropylene production facility and will help meet growing global demand for PP – demand that is only expected to increase. Learn more about this project here.

The Future is Unlimited for Applications of Sustainably Produced Polypropylene

HPC will use leading technologies to convert locally sourced, low-cost propane into 525,000 tonnes of polypropylene per year. Polypropylene is a high value, recyclable plastic that global manufacturers transform into a myriad of products that keep our lives moving forward – from equipment that protects our healthcare workers, to packaging that keeps our food more secure, to the parts required to make our vehicles lighter and safer.

The Heartland story writes a new chapter in forward-thinking industrial evolution at a pivotal moment in Alberta’s history as a resource-driven engine for the country.

Did You Know?

HPC will produce polypropylene that is projected to have a GHG emissions footprint 65 percent lower than the global average and 35 percent lower compared to average North American PP facilities, according to an IHS Markit report commissioned by Inter Pipeline.

We’re bringing bold thinking and ‘Made in Alberta’ solutions to leverage our abundant propane resources in new and smarter ways to meet a growing global supply-demand gap. Our entire team should be proud of bringing this generational idea to life.
David Chappell, Senior Vice-President Petrochemical Development, Inter Pipeline

A new way of imagining our future starts here

Polypropylene is the world’s single most-utilized polymer, accounting for ~30 percent of global demand for all plastics
– global demand that is forecast for robust growth, driving up the value of the commodity.

  • HPC will convert locally sourced propane into 525,000 tonnes of polypropylene per year.
  • Polypropylene produced at HPC will be branded and marketed as Heartland Polymers.

Home Safe Every Day, More Than Just a Motto

Our strong safety culture has helped HPC reach an important world-class milestone of 13 million hours of work without a lost-time incident, celebrated in June 2021.

I am intensely appreciative for all the additional work at site that kept our more than 2,000 daily workforce safe, and for the ongoing excellent work that is performed at the HPC site each day. The Heartland Petrochemical Complex reflects some of the very best work that we have done and shows our commitment to the highest standards of sustainable building and technology.
Bernard Perron, Senior Vice-President Petrochemical Development, Inter Pipeline

The Benefits of a Circular Economy

Heartland represents the philosophy of circular economy in action, a model of production and consumption that places sustainability at its centre. Throughout the report we demonstrate how we are using our resources in new and smarter ways to produce a product that is fully recyclable and in growing demand. Along the way, we’re creating good jobs and driving local benefits, demonstrating our commitment to reducing waste and increasing sustainability, and helping communities grow and thrive through a renewal of economic investment. We believe better is possible in everything we do, and we’re proving it every day.

Our Environment

Sustainability requires more than words. Industry leadership requires vision that leads to action with measurable results. Our customers, investors and community stakeholders expect transparency and performance that continues to demonstrate our commitment to increased sustainability in all of our activities and operations. That’s why our approach to environmental sustainability is deliberate and holistic – in fact, “believing better is possible” was at the very heart of the Heartland idea before any plans were put on paper or ground was broken.


Sustainability is one of the most important things to us when we bring a project like this forward. Sustainability needs to be considered at every turn, through the business model, through the design, how we build the facility, how we commission it and how we run it.
Tim Ogryzlo, Director of Engineering - Heartland Petrochemical Complex, Inter Pipeline

Key Economic Benefits

Heartland is making history, strengthening the Alberta and Canadian economies while leading a bold new era in sustainable resource development.

People and Local Communities 

People and local communities are the very heart of our story. Without them, there is no Heartland story to tell.

More than $2.8 million and 1,700 hours have been provided to local communities over five years, with employees involved in decision making through a local community investment committee. Our team is always thinking of new and innovative ways to give back to the local groups that support families, friends and neighbours – but the Heartland story is only just beginning.

Some key partnerships include:

Kids Kottage

Kids Kottage is Edmonton and area’s only crisis prevention and intervention shelter for infants and children. Our commitment of over $670,000 over eight years (2018-2025) will help Kids Kottage continue its Community Navigator program ($50,000 per year) and provide additional funding for the 24-hour Crisis Line, food and building renovations.

e4c Café and Takeaway

The e4c Café and Takeaway has been an Inter Pipeline iCare Legacy charity since 2016 and is located within the Edmonton City Hall complex, supporting vulnerable youth who are at risk to learn essential life skills. Inter Pipeline has committed over $650,000 over eight years (2015-2022).

Fort Saskatchewan Families First Society

Since 2018 our team has partnered with the Fort Saskatchewan Families First Society to host various Play Mobs throughout the community with the support of the e4c Hallway Café catering and collaboration with Volleyball Canada and Alberta Junior Hockey League. Play Mobs were held throughout summer months as spontaneous gatherings for families to come together and share a meal at a local park. Fort Saskatchewan Families First Society serves families through early childhood development, parenting programs and family support.

Seasonal Giving

In 2019 and 2020 our HPC food bank challenge raised over 25,000 lbs of food for the Fort Saskatchewan Food Bank through friendly competition between facilities and also ‘adopted’ 13 families for Christmas giving campaigns.

Heartland Polymers

Heartland Polymers is an exciting new move into the future of the recyclable plastics industry. 

It’s also North America’s first integrated PDH/PP manufacturing facility. With the capacity to produce an abundant supply of polypropylene, Heartland Polymers brings advanced manufacturing opportunities to Alberta, and the whole country. It also enhances long-term share value and represents a big step forward for the growth and success of Inter Pipeline.

Heartland delivers the newest technology, industry leading sustainability, consistent quality and supply, and a fresh new energy.

Our People

This report is dedicated to the people who helped build the Heartland Petrochemical Complex through the challenges of a global pandemic – your passion and integrity form the very foundation of this monumental project.

Our People


Inter Pipeline prioritizes the safety and protection of the environment for our employees, customers, shareholders and the communities in which we operate.


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